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We offer various types of classes so you won't struggle finding the right one for you.

Group training has many benefits:

We did the hard work and created the lesson plans for you

This means you just need to follow along and watch your dog learn

You join a group of other pet owners just like you

It's nice knowing you aren't alone and can share your successes & struggles without judgement

Group classes are economical

You get the training you need at a very reasonable rate

Covers a large scope of needed behaviors

If you have a puppy or dog needing basic manners skills these classes are for you





"Jordan is fantastic. Not only is he super knowledgeable, he goes above and beyond to help you and your dog. Whether it be in a group or individual lessons, you will not be disappointed."

- Abby W.


We only use force-free and positive reinforcement methods to keep you and your pet loving the learning process

Group training that lets you be in control!

You choose the tier that works best for your budget, then choose the classes you want to take, all around your schedule.
No more having to commit to a large number of classes on the same day and time each week, no more having to take classes that don't interest you.
You get to have your training experience tailored to your needs for group class prices!
Become a member
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Starting is easy!

Follow these steps:


Choose the tier that works best for you from the above options, and click "Select". Note: there is a $15 setup fee.


Once you've completed the quick sign up, click the "schedule" link in your confirmation email to register for your Orientation class (you'll get your welcome kit here).


Once you've registered for your Orientation, you can then register from a list of 48+ different classes to begin working on your specific training needs! Please just be sure the orientation is the first class you take with us.

Not sure what classes to take first? No problem! We've created a guide to help. Click here to see a full list of classes and different pathways to take.


Register for virtual Q&A appointments so you can receive additional help outside the classroom!

In your orientation you'll receive your booklet with information on your classes and how your dog learns. As you complete classes you'll earn badges that you can then put into your booklet to show off your training skills!

There are currently 15 badges to earn, can you collect them all?

here are just some you can earn:

Your unique code will renew so you can register for different classes in that new 30-day span. Keep in mind since we offer so many different classes, you may not see all of the options scheduled in each month. We have a two month minimum sign-up requirement, you can cancel anytime after that.

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Although we are transitioning to memberships for group classes, we still have regular 6-week classes available for now!
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$199 - 6 weeks - 5 spots per class

Build foundational skills needed to be a welcomed canine member of society! Learn important life skills such as the four control positions and when to use them, how to walk on a leash, proper greetings with people, "leave it", and so much more.
For dogs 9 weeks old+ and who have not taken a group class before or haven't work with DTA in a group setting.

If your dog is displaying behavioral concerns such as reactivity, aggression, fear, or anxiety please register for a

Behavior Consultation instead. 


July 27 @ 6:45pm - FULL

Peeping Pug

$199 - 6 weeks - 5 spots per class

Building on to what you learned in the Introductory class, we ask more from your dog by adding the 3 D's (duration, distance, and distractions) to their training and begin to work on more complex behaviors such as "place", "stay", and heel walking. This class sets you and your dog up for success in diverse environments and prepares you for more situations you may encounter on a daily basis.

Prerequisite: Introductory Obedience or equivalent through DTA.



Peeping Dog

$199 - 6 weeks - 5 spots per class

Master manners and confidence by completing the Advanced Obedience Class! In this class you will continue to add the 3 D's (duration, distance, distractions) to each cue and learn new cues/behaviors in the process. If your dog is a member of the family and frequently goes on family outings or if you simply want a really well trained dog, this class is for you. CGC (Canine Good Citizen) testing is an option after this class as well! 
Prerequisite: Intermediate Obedience or equivalent through DTA.



Peeping Pug
Peeping Dog
Closeup of a Black Dog

$350 - 5 weeks - 3 spots per class

Reactivity can happen to any dog at any time. Know that you are not alone when dealing with the struggles of having a reactive or aggressive dog! We are one of the leading experts in West Michigan when it comes to safely managing, training, and improving on your dog's reactive behaviors. Let us help you learn to love your reactive rover and learn how to feel confident with them again!

A 45 minute private lesson (virtual) is required to determine your dog's eligibility for this class. 


Important info:

We require your dog be up to date on the following vaccines (at age appropriate times) or be titer tested: Distemper, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, and Rabies.

 Attendance policy for 6 week classes (does not apply to memberships): If more than one class is missed, there will be a $35 fee for a 15 minute make up appointment or you may be required to join a different class at the week missed and be charged a pro-rated rate for joining this new class.


Training fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Up to two people are allowed to accompany their pet to class. At least one person must be 18+ years old and children under 10 are not allowed to attend our group classes.

If your dog begins to display behavior concerns such as anxiety, fear, reactivity, or aggression, you may be required to take a Behavior Consultation (at an additional fee) before your dog can continue their class.

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