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"Jordan is an excellent dog trainer, and he truly cares about all of his students." - Zack M.

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Jordan Clark, CPDT-KA, PFNS

Founder & Head Dog Trainer

I have always loved animals since growing up on a farm. Loving animals doesn't make you a good trainer though. I took that love for animals and continued my education by working professionally with them for 4 years before training ended up becoming an unexpected journey for me; one I would never change! 

I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) and a Pet Food Nutrition Specialist (PFNS). I only use humane and force-free methods during my training. I have been working with dogs for over eight years, and have been training for five of those years. I have helped countless pet owners learn how to manage their dog's anxiety, stress, aggression and more. One of my favorite aspects of training is watching the dog and the owner both learn how to understand each other clearly. I have helped dogs go from biting others to no longer exhibiting these behaviors, and dogs who have a world of energy learn the benefits of calmness.

With over 1300 dogs coming to me for training over the past five years, I feel confident I can help you with any training needs you have. 

My own dog, Ranger,  (pictured here with me at Acadia National Park in Maine) is CGC certified and has been an amazing companion in life.


Teresa Sombati

Dog Trainer

I fell in love with training dogs about 10 years ago when I lived near Detroit. I had a very bright sheltie named Brody who was a terrific little pal. He was pretty good at rally and obedience although we never went into competition. We were also a therapy team. After I retired from my service engineer job I decided to follow my dream and study to become a dog trainer. My two plus years of studies under a talented trainer ended when I moved to the Grand Rapids area in 2015. Since then I have been on a self-education journey becoming an AKC evaluator, helping out in many classes in various facilities, volunteering for shelters, and K9 Camo Companions matching shelter dogs with veterans. I am currently working on getting my needed hours so I can take the certification test through the CCPDT.

My goal in life is to help every dog owner I encounter have the best relationship with their dog as I do with mine. Dog training has been quickly evolving and in recent years it has been scientifically proven that positive reinforcement methods are the most successful teaching methods. So with these methods I hope I can help you and your valued furry family member learn to communicate with clarity since dogs don’t speak English and we humans don’t speak dog. I truly admire these little creatures for how they learn to live harmoniously with us in our lives.

These are my two four-legged best friends; four year old Xena, and two year old Onyx. Both were adopted from a Border Collie rescue in Missouri as puppies. 




One-on-one training provides the individualized training many dogs need. This is a great option for more complex behaviors such as aggression or reactivity. More than one lesson may be needed for a proper training program which will be determined during the initial consultation. 


We currently offer a multitude of group classes, workshops, and webinars! 

Reserve a spot today to have a well behaved dog tomorrow!

Also schedule a Canine Good Citizen test through the AKC as well as CGCA (community) and CGCU (urban) certifications.


In recent years online dog training has taken off and become an amazing way to receive the training help you need. It provides all of the benefits as in-person training, as well as a few others. These classes are live and interactive or pre-recorded, options to fit your needs and budget.

The best part is that you can join from anywhere!


By signing up for training lessons you will receive access to a closed Facebook page where you can join a group of over 185 other dog parents just like yourself, and be able to learn more information on dog training, share success stories, and connect with other dog owners.





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