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All of our trainers are educated and skilled individuals who are ready to help you

Jordan Clark, CPDT-KA, PFNS

Founder & Behavior Specialist

I have always loved animals since growing up on a farm. Loving animals doesn't make you a good trainer though. I took that love for animals and continued my education by working professionally with them for 4 years before training ended up becoming an unexpected journey for me; one I would never change! 

I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) and a Pet Food Nutrition Specialist (PFNS). I only use humane and force-free methods during my training. I have been working with dogs for ten years, and have been training dogs for over six of those years. I have helped countless pet owners learn how to manage their dog's anxiety, stress, aggression, and more. One of my favorite aspects of training is watching the dog and the owner both learn how to understand each other clearly.

With over 1300 dogs coming to me for training over the past six years, I feel confident I can help you with any training needs you have. 

My own dog, Ranger,  (pictured here with me at Acadia National Park in Maine) is CGC certified and has been an amazing companion in life.


Kailey LaBadie, VSA-CDT

Dog Trainer

My love for training and communicating with animals started in Middle School when I taught my rabbits tricks and basic behaviors through clicker training. This interest grew and has continuously evolved since then, guiding me through this complex industry and inviting me to learn as much as possible to be a well educated teacher for dogs and humans alike. After working in a dog daycare, I volunteered at West Michigan Humane Society and started my self-study of behavior and dog training. This led me to a dog walking career, where I spent over 4 years handling dogs, providing enrichment, and getting exposed to a plethora of behaviors, breeds and personalities. It is important to me that I work with the dog in front of me, acknowledging their entire being and modifying our training to do what’s best for that unique dog in order to create the most successful outcomes for their families.

I attended the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training in 2019 and graduated with distinction and earned my

VSA-CDT credential. I am now pursuing my CPDT-KA certification as well!

I look forward to working with you and developing a strong relationship between you and your dog!

Jessica Thelen


Being around dogs and loving them as a companion has been something I have grown up with. Having a well trained and confident dog was completely new to me until I enrolled my dog into training. Once I started working with Wesley in a structured way, I never wanted to stop. We slowly started to understand each other and I love the trusting bond it has created between us. He can approach new situations with confidence thanks to our hard work and consistent training.

My background is in education as a special education teacher. I have over 10 years of experience in the classroom supporting students and families. I value effective instruction that not only creates new knowledge, but builds confidence. Never did I imagine that I would be applying the same skills I learned in teacher preparation classes to train my dog, however it has lead to incredible results. 

I look forward in helping you find the right class for you and your pet so you can achieve the same success I've seen with my dog!

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