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Private Consult
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One of West Michigan's leading dog behavior specialist

You can trust us to help you find a path forward

Decrease aggressive and reactive behaviors
Behavior modification programs are designed individually for your dog's success
Voted best pet training in GR two years in a row

We are confident we can help you just like the thousands before you

Go more in-depth when compared to group lessons

You have the trainer all to yourself meaning faster results





"I’ve been using Jordan for the last 4 years in training my Great Danes, a total of 4 dogs. We never would have gotten this far without Jordan’s expertise and patience. Thank you Jordan for training the trainer."

- Janet T. & Zeus, Greta, Fiona, and Anya


We only use force-free and science-based methods to keep you and your pet loving the learning process!

A consultation is your first step to begin a behavior modification or private training plan for your dog.
What you get:

Consultations can be via Zoom or in-person. Virtual consultations are best for any dog displaying people aggression or separation anxiety.
  • Honest assessment of your pet's behavior
  • Behavior assessment write up for your records
  • Training & management skills to begin right away

$199 - 90 minutes

Whether you are looking for help with basic manners or if you are experiencing aggression, reactivity, anxiety or biting with your pet, we are here to help! We have a specialist who can help you navigate the many variables of training and behavior concerns and guide you in the direction you want to go. Our gentle and humane methods are proven by research to decrease aggressive responses in your dog while maintaining a positive relationship between human and pet.

Follow up lessons:

1 private lesson - $175

6 private lesson bundle - $990

By bundling you receive $10 OFF per lesson!

Follow up lessons are 45 minutes in length and the number of follow up lessons needed, if any, is based on your goals as well as the severity of the behaviors your pet is presenting.

Private Programs

Family with Pets

Family Dog Pathway

6+ Lessons

Gaining the skills for a well rounded and calm pup no matter the breed or age!

dog nail trim.jpg

Nail Maintenance

4+ Lessons

Calmly and safely trimming your dog's nails without fuss or injury!


Behavior Modification

6+ Lessons

Overcoming the challenges of reactivity, aggression, and anxiety!


Camping Lifestyle

2+ Lessons

Tent or camper? Either way, some specific needs apply!


Separation Anxiety

4+ Lessons

The struggles of being left alone don't have to keep you locked up.

Dog Owner



1+ Lessons

Needing something more unique to your situation? 

No problem!

Important info:

We require your dog be up to date on the following vaccines (at age appropriate ages) or be titer tested: Distemper, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, and Rabies.

 If you need to reschedule an appointment, there will be a $35 rescheduling fee when doing so within 72 hours of your appointment. Training fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

If your dog begins to display behavior concerns such as anxiety, fear, reactivity, or aggression, you may be required to take a Private Consultation (at an additional fee) before your dog can continue their lessons.

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