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We come to you for the training

Day school is homeschooling for your dog! You can choose to be present or not, either works!

Day school works for those with busy schedules

Hard to fit training sessions into your day? We can help with that!

Foundational training and more
Day school can quickly achieve a number of goals from basic manners to advanced skills
Helpful transfer lessons set you up for success
These helpful and necessary lessons are included to aid in transferring the training to your daily life





This program really met my needs. . . After working for a few hours, my dog really knew what the command meant, and how to do it. The transfer lessons helped me do the same signals the same way, we (dog and I) are both VERY happy with this experience. - Shanna G.


We only use force-free and positive reinforcement methods to keep you and your pet loving the learning process!

Weekly Homeschooling Program

$349 per week - 2 days a week - 2 week minimum

Day School takes place on each Wednesday & Friday between 11am and 3pm. Your trainer will come to your home and train your dog for 45 minutes each day with transfer lessons (these are for you!) each Saturday! Think of it as dog care services but with so much more to offer. We can help you with whatever manners skills your dog needs, and we can teach them right in the place you want those skills to happen, your home and neighborhood!

Day School is for you if:

  • You have a busy schedule and want faster results compared to group or private training

  • You want to instill basic and advanced manners skills in your dog

  • You have specific training needs and want individual help from a trainer

  • You want a quick turn around in your pet's training

Day School is not for you if:

  • Your dog is exhibiting aggression, reactivity, fear, or anxiety - register for a Behavior Consultation instead

  • You don't want to have a lasting relationship with your dog

  • You don't want to be involved in the training process and see lasting results

We allow a maximum of 4 dogs per school day to ensure your trainer has sufficient time with your pet, meaning your dog will be well looked after and get lots of individual time with the trainer. This also means spots are very limited, so don't wait to secure yours!

A Day School Consultation is required before signing up so you can meet with your trainer and discuss your goals to be sure that our day school is the right fit for you. Consultations are a separate fee of $75 for a 45 minute appointment. We have a 2 week minimum for Day School students, charged at $349/week for two weeks, you can continue to keep your dog in the program after this time or choose to cancel after two weeks. Feel free to discuss with your trainer during your consultation to see how long of a program you may need for your goals!

Important info:

We require your dog be up to date on the following vaccines (at age appropriate times) or be titer tested: Distemper, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, Bordetella, Rabies and a negative fecal (from the past 6 months).


Cancellations and no-shows of transfer lessons are strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to hold a card on file to charge a cancellation/no-show fee of $100 when applicable.  Training fees and missed school days are non-refundable and non-transferable.

If your dog begins to display behavior concerns such as anxiety, fear, reactivity, or aggression, you may be required to take a Behavior Consultation (at an additional fee) before your dog can continue their Day School program.

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